My fabric artwork series is reflective of feminine and nostalgic feelings. In these series I worked with fabric freely and created a Fantasy world. Although the artistic principles are unconsciously within me,

I tried to treat these tools like children, to make the world more childish. With forgetting the perspective and principles in most of my work, especially in Iranian gardens, I have been trying to get closer to Oriental art .Forms are often shown in complex views, mixing views with other parts.

I sew fabrics that I colored, ragged and mixed with some elements using techniques .For instance using some beads or using fabric in layers to achieve transparent layers. Sometimes control of fabric for me is much harder than other materials such as oil color and acrylic … but sew the fabric with different color and shape create  a different world with full of kindness  for me that belongs to our mams and every women how crate handy crafts and it is lovely.

In my painting I have always been fascinated with positive and negative space in Eastern art, and in Iranian and Japanese miniatures. Whether I am painting still life, landscapes, portraits, I always strive for a unique and poetic statement. I aim to achieve mysterious simplicity regardless of the medium and enjoy using oil, acrylics, gouache, crayons, watercolor, pastels and charcoals to produce this effect.  I create silence and latency in my works through scarce use of forms and color, leaving the narrative without the certainty of ending, so that the viewers can imagine their own. I used minimum elements to portray fictional and mysterious worlds.

On these pages you can see my illustrations for children’s books, greeting cards and gift merchandise. Some of them are patch works –  textiles I colored and sewed. Some of them were painted with different  techniques with combining analog and digital techniques such as acrylic ,crayons, pastel and collage.

Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy what you see here. Feel free to connect with me if you are curious about my work  via e-mail at circleillustration@gmail.com